Maryjane Fahey Design is an award-winning New York-based design studio specializing in creating extraordinary publishing, branding, website and mobile experiences. Our firm helps clients extend their missions into digital platforms where the news pulse beats faster and the conversation never stops. We have a globally proven track record of success in brand awareness and increased revenue with some of the world’s most recognized names in media.

“We consider ourselves visual journalists,” explains Fahey of the studio’s working method. “We don’t just ‘decorate,’ but in fact bring editorial content to every project we take on – from launches to branding.” The studio's work has also expanded internationally in the last few years: with significant and notable projects in China, South East Asia and Europe.

Our singular commitment to the power of branded imagery, and customized typography assure our clients of unique and lasting solutions in every facet of the work we do.


48 Perry Street . Suite 2R New York, NY 10014
347-886-2990 .